• The TCCB is the only Canadian educational provider that specializes in training individuals who are seeking employment as a bank teller.

  • Our bank teller training program was specifically designed to prepare students for a position as a bank teller. This position may be a long-term career, or simply a stepping-stone to higher positions within the banking structure.

  • Our small classroom setting and low student-to-teacher ratio provides students with a personalized learning experience. This type of individual attention is required to effectively learn and retain new material.

  • Although the TCCB bank teller training program was designed to train future bank tellers, also encouraged to register are those who are interested in learning new and exciting concepts about Canadian banking systems, procedures and products, but are not necessarily searching for a career in banking.

  • There are a wide range of educational institutions that provide training in the area of business. While they do offer beneficial training, most of these institutions offer training in general areas such as business, finance and management. The TCCB offers specific training for one position � a Canadian Bank Teller.


  • There are over 237,000 employees in Canada and 38,800 employees in other countries who work for Canadian banks. 132,500 of those employees are situated in Ontario.

  • There are thousands of bank branches in the Greater Toronto Area with hundreds of available positions. These banks are searching for full-time and part-time employees to fill these positions. The possibility of obtaining one of these positions increases with the specialized training that the TCCB provides.

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